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Founded in 2006, Mandarin Fireworks has always been committed to making it easier for importers to source fireworks from China.

Tremendous efforts has been made to achieve the goal by prioritizing our work on the aspects below:

1. Quality Control

Mandarin Fireworks has an inspection team, specializing in conducting independent three-phase quality inspections according to the requirements of customers except that conducted by the factories themselves and CIQ staff.

-Pre-production Phase Control:

A sample is required to make sure it is in compliance with what is confirmed with our customer, or what our customer is looking for.

-During production Phase Quality Control:

Checking from packaging design, product size, powder weight to performance time.The team will negotiate with the factory in time to resolve all encountered and potential quality issues.

-Post production Quality Control

Labeling check, shipping carton markings check, product photography and video recording of performance.

2. On-time Delivery

The goal is achieved by our following strengths

-Good relationship with factories:

Mandarin Fireworks works closely with over 60 factories from Jiangxi and Hunan provinces which secures our multiple production options and maximum production capability.

-Coordination and on-time packaging & materials supply:

Mandarin Fireworks works closely with Design Studio, Printing factory, Carton factory and other relevant factories to get the packaging and other needed materials ready as soon as necessary.

-Resource scheduling under special circumstances
Leverage the company's influence and the natural advantages of localization to help the factory solve various difficulties encountered in production, such as workers, funds, raw materials etc.

3. R&D New Products

Mandarin researches, develops and sources new fireworks products and present them to customers to keep them on the edge in their markets.


-Stay highly sensitive to new effects and new products, continuously search and discover new products from different, including 60 closely-cooperated factories. 


-Process and optimize the new products with our rich experience and present them to our customers with perfect appearance and function.


-Confirm and record the new products information to assure them not only in compliance with the regulations and standards but also provide customers with a clear understanding through accurate expression.


4. Price

All of the above services are based on the most affordable price. We save our customers' costs by selecting the right factory through a comprehensive assessment. We are well aware that the long-term customer trust in us is the foundation of our existence.


Mandarin fireworks, make your purchase easier!



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